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About Pro Auto Jobs 

ProAutoJobs.Com is the nation’s premier recruiting company serving the retail Automobile industry. Quality dealers retain ProAutoJobs.Com to prepare entry-level individuals and seasoned vets for a rewarding career in the high-paying automobile business.

There is no career you can choose without an advanced degree and years of training that can advance your earning power so rapidly to that of a professional.

Many of the multi-million dollar dealerships you pass every day are owned by individuals just like yourself, who entered the automobile business as inexperienced retail sales representatives. They made the decision to demand more from life than a mediocre salary and found a real future. Today, it’s your turn. Do you want the best for your family? Then we can help. Arrange your interview today!

The Pro Auto Job Team is led by Tommy Ray Stokes a 25-year automotive sales expert.
In 1991 Tom started in used car sales on the floor at Clearview Dodge in New Orleans and found a home at Acadiana Dodge in Lafayette LA. By 1998 he was a finance director of one of the largest Toyota stores in the Gulf States (Coleman Toyota Baton Rouge). Tom has been Used Car Director, New Car Director, Finance Director, GSM, GM, and even Dealer Principle. 
Founded Movingiron LLC in late 1998 that has broken sales event records at several dealerships over the past, including Trophy Nissan's One MILLION Dollar 4-day sale in Dallas Texas.  Including 175 units sold in 4 days at Prestige Ford in Dallas TX. 
2006 Created custom CRM 
2007 Created   platform Tom saw the need for transparency way before ever existed. 

2007 Founder of Inventory Blaster automatic online posting tools.
2009  Founder of NavSmart an Auto Dealer Traffic Control & Positioning Software that has created several of the most successful new and used car sales campaigns in the industry. By using APDS (Auto Predictor Database System) Cyber Force can create a list of who is in the market to buy a car in 90, 60, 30 days to "In-Market" Now!
2010 Created The Virtual Intelligent Communicator AKA V.I.C. Artificial Lead Response Technology. A newer version of V.I.C. is being created for the CPR Technology for Cyber FORCE.
2015 Wrote and Produced Playbook for Success A high impact sales and management training program with Dallas Cowboys Legend Drew Pearson. 
2017 launched new products for Cyber FORCE at NADA #100 in New Orleans, LA, 
Tom's client list includes; Potamkin Auto Group in New York, Bohn Brothers in New Orleans, Van Tuyl Automotive Nationwide, Asbury Group, Sonic, Group One, Gregory Penske: Longo Toyota, Bobby Beck: The Beck Group, Tom Durant: Classic Chevy, Charlie Nixon RFJ, John Prindle Roundtree and Randall Reed. 
First marketing company to mix mail, with the website,, using video, with a call center and an online campaign. Movingiron tool via Sugar open source platform.
2005 Created custom online auction platform for dealers nationwide. 



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