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About Our AI Product for the Car Business 

Introducing Auto AI for Car Dealers Only!  The solution to the ongoing challenge of hiring good employees in the auto sales industry. With 15 years of advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, we provide data-driven insights that are a game-changer in auto sales recruitment. 

Gone are the days of ineffective psych tests and guesswork. Our AI technology can secure new hires with the best potential for success in the car business, as well as identify the traits and behaviors of your top-performing salespeople. This allows us to develop targeted training programs and strategies to improve the performance of your entire sales team.

Our expertise goes beyond sales recruitment. Our highly experienced management recruiters specialize in placing quality candidates in positions such as General Manager, Sales Manager, Controller, Service Manager, and Fixed Operations Director. * We understand the unique demands of the automotive dealership business and know how to help you succeed.

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Find out how many people qualify to be a great salesperson based on your zip code. 
Jennifer Miller 10/4/23 
auto-hire-ai-logo-2023-a.png's Auto Hire AI-based talent acquisition platforms are designed to help you build the best sales force. By combining AI technology with human judgment and intuition, we can identify the most suitable candidates who will thrive and last in your organization. Our platforms analyze candidate data, including resumes, social media profiles, and online portfolios, using both traditional and machine learning algorithms to guarantee success.


Choose for successful auto sales recruitment today, and in 90 days, you'll be glad you did.

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